Bees For Sale 3# Pkgs for 2019.

Package Bees & NUCS. Available for 2019

I will know in Mid February how many nucs I will have to sell

3# Package of  Bees with Italian Queen available for pickup

April 7,  April 14,  April 28,  May 5

Price for 3# Package $125.00 Cash or check Add $4.00 for online order.



We will ship bees through USPS for $50 to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana. Shipping available to other states at an additional charge.

Shipping dates April 15, 29, May 6, 2019.

Order is not considered placed until payment is received

A couple thing to consider when buying a package of Bees.

  1. Is it a 3# package or a #3 package. This looks the same but it is not. A 3# package will have 3 pounds of bees. A #3 is just a designation and has no guarantee of any bees.
  2. How close is your package provider? Do you want to drive 3 hours each way to get your package? If you have a dead queen do you want to drive 3 hours each way again for a replacement queen? Your Time is worth at least $10/hr and the IRS says your mileage is worth $.55/mile.
  3. Can you get a replacement queen if needed?
  4. Will your package provider return a call and answer any questions about the your package or installation.
  5. Do they have any references?
  6. If everything is equal then consider the price
  7. After all the above how much a package costs is really the last thing to consider.

Contact me with any questions.
Call Bob Jastrzebski 734-748-2185
Make checks out to
Bobilin Honey
46672 Mornington Rd
Canton, MI 48188