Honey Bees for Sale!

Looking for healthy and hardy honey bees?  Whether you want nucs, packages, or queens, contact us first for quality honey bees at a fair price.  Contact us now as we sell out early every season!

Queens For Sale




Have a limited supply of 1 year old queens for sale. We are requeening and keeping the good queens that are still laying very good brood patterns. Have Carniolans and Italians. $15 while supply lasts.


Visit Our Online Honey Store Today!

Why buy big brand supermarket honey from dubious origins when you can buy quality honey directly from the beekeeper who produces it?  Check out our online Honey store now and get your family the real thing. Also purchase Package Bees and NUCS.

What is local honey?

Everybody’s talking about it, but what is it?  Let us help you understand what local honey is and what the benefits of local honey are to you and your family members.  Basically, if you don’t know your beekeeper,  you don’t know what you are buying!

It's Swarm Season!

Here in Michigan it is currently the time of the year that honeybees swarm.  If you see a swarm of bees clustered on a shrub or tree in your lawn, do not get your RAID can out!  Instead, give us a call and we will come and remove the swarm for you. Swarming is the natural means…

Group Presentations

Bob the Bee Guy will do presentations for any group. I have a standard presentation or I can customize it to your requirements. Schools usually 2nd and 3rd grades while they are studying insects. I also present for Garden Clubs and other groups in the community including Boy…

Need Pollinators?

BOBILIN HONEY offers pollination services from 2 hives for your Michigan backyard garden or many hives for your commercial pollination needs.

Honey: Things to Know

The FDA does not have any standards for honey. So you can call corn syrup and water honey. There is no official definition for Local Honey or Raw Honey that I can find.

About Bob the Bee Guy

I took Beekeeping Classes 9 years ago and started to raise bees (2) hives to pollinate my garden. I use to get 12-24 cucumbers now I get bushels from the same amount plants. I started with 2 hives and now have between 150 & 200.